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Do you struggle with knowing how much to charge clients? Are you looking at what others around you are charging as a basis of what YOU should be charging?

I've totally been where you are and let me tell you-- there is a better (and more profitable) way to figure out your pricing! Each of us has different personal expenses, business expenses, different offerings, taxes and work time. 

Keeping that in mind, I built this easy-to-use pricing guide to help you determine exactly what you should be charging based off your own unique situation. Depending on how much income you want to make and how many weddings/sessions/events you want to take, this guide will tell you exactly what you should be charging! The calculations are already set up for you so all you need to do is fill in the numbers!

Due to the nature of the downloading of digital goods, all sales are final. This product is intended only for the use of the purchaser and may not be shared in portion or as a whole with any other parties!

The Creative's Pricing Guide


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