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Have you ever thought about what would happen to your business if you suddenly left this earth? Who would notify your clients? How would your clients receive their images/products that were left incomplete? Would your spouse/significant other know how to access your social media accounts? Banking information? 

If the answer is no, you are not alone! Most creative entrepreneurs don’t have anything in place in case of emergency, and that is essentially setting themselves (and their loved ones) up for failure.  

In this 40-page Emergency Business Plan Template you will create an action plan, choose designee's to put your plan into place, write out instructions on how to access client information, files, workflows, list out your social media and business accounts, and provide pertinent information on your business equipment. As a bonus, you'll also receive an email template and social media template so your designee's know just what to say to clients + audience! 

Having this plan in place will give you a say on how things are taken care of, provides clear direction on how to access your business information, and it allows for your family to grieve without having to worry about how to handle your business affairs.

Due to the nature of the downloading of digital goods, all sales are final.

This product is intended only for the use of the purchaser and may not be shared in portion or as a whole with any other parties!

The Business Emergency Plan Template


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